Cool Halloween Party Game Ideas for Pre-teens and Teens

Cool Halloween Party Game Ideas for Pre-teens and TeensHalloween is fast approaching and if you are looking for some spooky, child-friendly party game ideas for your kids Halloween party, here are a few interesting suggestions that I’ve found online. There are some cool Halloween games that you shop for on the Internet, this post includes ideas from mystery party kits that you can instantly download online to boxed mystery party kits and board games. All of these games are designed specifically for children – tweens/pre-teens and teens – and include full instructions, plus tips for costumes, menus, decor and how to host your kids Halloween party. Perfect for making your Halloween party planning and hosting easy and stress-free!

Halloween Party Game Ideas:

Downloadable Halloween Mystery Party Kit for 9 to 12 year olds
Download Halloween Party Games for Pre-TeensTitle: The Ghostly Case of the Haunted Amusement Park
Theme: Amusement Park
Age range: Pre-teens (9 – 12 years old)
Min’ Number of Players: 8 suspects – 4 girls and 4 boys (and all can play in solving the case as even the guilty party doesn’t know they’ve dunnit!)
Maximum participants: there are 8 roles, but up to 20 children can participate in solving the mystery.
Extras: this mystery story can be personalized. You can get this kit instantly as a full download or you can buy it on CD-ROM.
The investigation: Solve the mystery of what happened to the town’s Mayor on the popular Ghost Train ride at the amusement park!

For more details on this and more downloadable Halloween party game ideas, visit: Halloween Party Games for Pre-Teens – the Haunted Amusement Park

Top-Rated Mystery Games for Teens on
Top-Rated Mystery Games for Teens on has a wide range of themed murder mystery boxed sets, particularly popular ones come from the ‘How to Host a Murder’ series by Decipher. They also have created mystery boxed sets for teens. The most popular top-rated teen mystery party kit on Amazon is their Barbecue with the Vampire and is one unique teenage Halloween party games idea!

Title: How to Host a Teen Mystery: Barbecue with the Vampire
Theme: Vampires
Recommended age range: Teenagers (12 to 16 years old)
Number of Players: 8
Boxed set/kit includes: CD with themed music, plot details and host’s guide. Invites, name tags and manuals for the 8 players. Plus ideas for costumes and menu to match this mystery party kit’s theme.
The story’s location is at a rock star’s castle – spooky! And the occasion is the homecoming queen’s birthday!
For more details on this teen game and more top Halloween party game ideas, visit: – Top rated How to Host a Teen Mystery Party Game.

Amazon UK – Kids Spooky Board Game
Halloween Party Game Ideas - Kids Board Game on Amazon UKTitle: Halloscreem! – The Halloween Board Game
Age range: Pre-teens (9 – 12 years old)
Number of Players: 2 to 8
Set in a scary castle with background music included to enhance the spooky atmosphere! This unique board game has been designed to be played as a kids party game!
For more details on this spooky party game idea for kids, visit: Halloween Party Game Ideas – Halloscreem! Kids Board Game from Amazon UK.

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