Roaring ’20s Theme Murder Mystery Script

Roaring '20s Theme Murder Mystery Scripts Party GameThis roaring ’20s theme murder mystery script.
With its Great Gatsby style murder mystery.
Is perfect as a dinner party game.
For a family gathering.
As an evening’s entertainment.
Or just as an excuse to dress up!
Steeped in the gorgeous and glamorous style of the 1920s. With parts to play for a minimum of 6. To a maximum of 14 players.
For another top 1920s theme mystery game. For a larger group of people, see my other post included below.
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Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Game

Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Dinner Party Game IdeaFor a Thanksgiving murder mystery dinner game.
I’ve included details, below of a complete mystery party kit.
Which is available to download.
With all you need to host your own mystery party with ease!
And a perfect way to add a twist to your usual celebrations.
With roles to play for 6 to 8 party guests.
This murder mystery can easily accommodate large parties.
With up to 60 people getting involved in the investigation.

And for more top seasonal mystery party kits. See also my list of posts, below.
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Adult Murder Mystery Party Download Game – A Las Vegas Mystery

Adult Murder Mystery Party Download Game - A Las Vegas Mystery
Adult Murder Mystery Party Download Game – A Las Vegas Mystery
For an adult murder mystery party download game.
Check out Betting on Death, a Las Vegas themed mystery kit.
With parts for 6 players.
But can be played with larger groups.
Easily allowing for up to 60 people to participate in the investigations!
Ideal for summer parties and big outdoor gatherings.

For more large group or summer party mystery games ideas. See also: 5 Summer Murder Mystery Download Games. Which includes a variety of themed mystery game kits.
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1950s BBQ Themed Murder Mystery Party Game

1950s BBQ Themed Outdoor Murder Mystery Party GameThis 1950s BBQ themed murder mystery party game for adults.
Is a boxed kit is available to buy online.
For 6 to 8 players.
Ages 18 years and over.

For mystery games to download. See my posts: Downloadable Mystery Party Kits. With mystery and detective party activities for kids, teens and adults.
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Best Detective Board Games for Kids – Top 10 List

Top 10 Detective Board Games for 6 Years Olds and Up

Best Detective Board Games for Kids - Top 10 List on Amazon #6This list of the 10 best detective board games on Amazon.
Are a great way to play mystery games with the kids.
Or if you are looking for some top quality family board games.
Or if you are in need of a bit of impromptu sleuthing!

If you are looking for detective games for parties. See my previous kids detective activities posts. For some top mystery parties for kids. Ages 6 to 10 year olds.

Have you played any top kids detective board games? Let me know your favorites. And leave details in the comments section below.

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